Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Cider With Rosie

This song was created for Game of Bands round 151 : "No Repetition"


Cider With Rosie

Have an itch in my eye
And a lump in my throat
And a feeling of sight

A flash of a thought
Now i’m starting to walk
Away from ma
Stumbling and waiting to be caught

Lying with ma and my sisters and brothers asleep
Feeling the sun beating down on my face with the heat

I got thrown into school
I fell flat on my face
I look around the rooms
And try to figure out a place

My sisters raise me right
They teach me good from bad
Smile when I laugh
And hold me when i’m sad

Lying awake with the sun flashing through the sky
Thinking of somewhere to be and somewhere to try

My brothers have grown up
Working like a man
Living how they want
In a world they understand

He took me by the shoulder
Joe, where you going to go
I’ve been thinking for a place
But i’m afraid that I don’t know

I staggered out of school
Went looking around
Didn’t go very far
But I’ll tell you what I found

Yeah well, Rosie she was sweet
She had a good time
She could laugh all day
And she didn’t even try

Lying with ma and my sisters still keeping us warm
Trying to think what an answer could be until dawn

Rosie she had style
And hell she had a plan
We’d talk all day and night
Talk only the way we can

Now I’ve got this itch
Hoping it’ll go away
Walking through the green
Thinking this is where I’ll stay

Lying with ma and my empty thoughts every day
Something is pushing me further and further away

And so
Now this feeling won’t go
I'll take the choice I should have
Long ago

I love you
My sweet sisters
I love you
My sweet brothers
Talk to me
I have to go
I have to leave
So Joe
Where are you going to go
Well I’m afraid
That I just don’t know


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