Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

One More Turn

This song was created for Game of Bands round 161 : "Video Games III"


[Slow, melodic, syllables pick up the pace]
Stay awake in the quiet of the night
Screen burn my only source of light
Comfortable weight of my new headphones
Wrapped up in a world that's all my own

[Quicker, more of a patter song]
I seek connection and I find here
I can do whatever I want to, yeah
I'm a soldier; a spy; a general; a leader
A rocket powered car; or a champion at FIFA
There's endless worlds and endless space
And when I get bored there's always place
I'm never never never running out things to explore
I've conquered the world and I wanna conquer more

[First section again]

Sometimes you find a challenge you can't overcome
And if feels so special when you figure out how it's done
Well, this game ain't never gonna beat me
No, it's never gonna beat me
Just one more try before I go to sleep
Can't leave it undone, though, I just gotta keep
Trying until I can't see through retinal burns
Of this game against my eyelids - one more turn

[Slow, melodic again]
Gently, dawn creeps into my room
Probably should get some sleep real soon
The world is coming back to light
And I'll leave my virtual life


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