Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 174 : "Elements Part 4 - Water"


A stormy night out on the sea,
I spy a wonder in the deep,
I caught a glimpse, and wanted more.
Paddled to the ocean floor.

She had curves that stretch for miles,
Made me want to stay a while.
She always had more to see,
Strands of hair as green as envy.

If I had known,
What I know now,
I would’ve swam,
Right back to town.

She had the looks,
But in her depths,
The devil smiled,
And angels wept.

Outside of you was crystal clear.
Your beauty made me shed a tear.

It’s been a while,
Since we last met.
I’ve figured out,
How to get inside your head.

I sunk down, (you pulled me).
I swam round, (you let me).
What I found, (you showed me),
Made me scream.

If I had known,
What I know now,
I would’ve turned,
Right back around.

You got the looks,
But in your depths,
Monsters lurk,
To take my breath.

The things you hid are not okay
Your creatures should be locked away.

Your mystery once drew me near.
But now I know you bring me fear.

I no longer wish to explore.
I am curious, no more.

I’m done with you, I’ll stop my search.
I’m leaving you beneath the surf.

Frilled shark,
Giant squid.
Other horrors,
That you hid.

Only were,
A way to hide,
The beauty that,
Was held inside.

The longest trench,
In the sand,
Untouched by man.

I know that I called it quits,
But I’m no longer done with it.

It’s mystery still draws me near.
But now there’s not as much to fear.

If it’s dark just use a torch.
I made it to it’s ocean floor.

Your creatures are a sight to see.
Your beauty’s in your mystery.


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