Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Old Life is Gone

This song was created for Game of Bands round 177 : "The Afterlife"


Old Life is Gone
Where do I go now , that it's all come undone
All of my worries about the sadness begun
When you left me so, so hurt and so sad
The feeling won't let me go, that we blew what we had

Bye, goodbye to times I'm thinking of
Bye, goodbye to my feelings of love

Now that you're gone, everything's wrong
Facing the dawn, after my old life is gone


Force myself up, bed is empty, I drove her
The vision's abrupt, blurred by a hangover
Shower alone, wash away all of my hope
A new milestone, but I'll learn how to cope

Bye, goodbye to the long days of sorrow
Bye, goodbye to a long sad tomorrow

Now that you're gone, I'm moving on
Listening to songs, reflecting upon
How I'll be strong, and looking beyond
To another day's dawn, after my old life is gone


Futures' uncertain, depending upon,
How much of the hurting, I let get me down
Open the curtain, the sun's shining on
My face in the dawn, after my old life is gone
Bye, goodbye to the life that I knew
Bye, goodbye to what you put me through
Bye, goodbye to the nighttimes with you
Bye, goodbye to us, and long overdue
(Fade out)


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