Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Hey, the Aliens are Here! Part 1

This song was created for Game of Bands round 181 : "Songs that aliens would listen to"


Hey, the Aliens are Here! Part 1
We welcome you with open arms
We'll take you to our leader
You'll see big cities and rural farms
My name is Charles, your greeter

I come with gifts from far and wide
A large reception this eve is planned
A parade will start, they'll march in stride
As we smile, hand in hand.

What great things this will bring forth
Cures of cancer and disease
We hail the arrival through south and north
New technology and its keys

We are so happy, tears of joy
Looking to the future ahead
New inventions we will employ
Our delight will only spread!

What the hell is going on?
yelled The General to his staff
I see this as a growing con
The aliens can't have the last laugh

I know these green motherfuckers
Are planning something I cannot endorse
And WE cannot be played as suckers
Take down these assholes by FORCE.

And so miles outside the party
Helicopters and tanks assembled
Squads Alpha Bravo and Charlie
As they rolled forward, the ground it trembled

Inside the tent they were dancing
The aliens would deliver a speech
(So they didn't hear the army advancing)
Interstellar travel they would teach!

Faster-than-light travel!
Was here now for mankind
They didn't know what would unravel
0 Their generosity had left them blind

The aliens showed 3d holograms
Of nanotechnology cells
That could cure disease and build robots,
It could do these things by themselves!

They then promised a heaven
On Earth with all they could do
But by now it was quarter to 7
And the attack was about to ensue

In came the 87th Battalion,
and 44th Guard Tank Brigade
Led by a one-eyed Rapscallion,
Colonel Alphonse G Kincaid

People screamed as machine gun fire
Laid out the aliens presenting
0 A grenade took out the alien choir
As the choppers started descending

Humans and aliens both screamed
0As napalm dropped down from the skies
Red and Orange blood streamed
But the Mother Ship heard all the cries......

To be continued


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