Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Best Decade

This song was created for Game of Bands round 185 : "80s Music"


They actually played music on MTV
Guns and Roses, and Tom Petty
AC/DC came Back in Black
And Ozzy returned as a solo Act

Metallica did it in a cool new way
Like LL Cool J and NWA
Whitney blew the roof off the concert hall
Dancing to Madonna, hanging down at the mall

We were the 80s generation
Jamming to the radio station
Survived or never saw the 1970s
80s still the best decade of music for me

We saw the first album come from U2
Run DMC and the New York Crew
Valen Halen showed us the Cradle will Rock And
Prince taught us how to seduce and shock

Neil Peart's Rush and Journey's Escape
Michael Jackson's Thriller changed the landscape
Urban Cowboy and Reba made country appealing
And that Maniac Flashdance - Oh what a feeling

Iron Maiden and Eddy gave us a peek at damnation
Fighting through the high school frustration
Toto's Africa playing on the TV
80s still the best decade of music for me

Judas Priest British Steel made it Metal Mayhem
College Radio, REM and the Violent Femmes
Def Leppard's Pyromania, I can hear it still
The Beastie boys - we were all Licensed to Ill

Wham and The Cure, Genesis at the pub
Who's this Boy George and the Culture Club?
John Lennon was killed, still can't get over it
Then John Bonham died, so Led Zep called it quits

We were the 80s generation
Forgot some folks, but thanks for the information
Another time like this, there can and will never be
80s still the best decade of music for me


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