Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Goodbye Loverboy

This song was created for Game of Bands round 186 : "90s Music II"


I was never one of the pretty people
the ones with the best high school years
The music of loverboy never rang true
I never was working for the weekend

Was there ever sound that captured despair
A soundtrack to the bleakness around me
I didn't have a Warrant-like cherry pie
But one day on the radio it changed

The guitars and drums hit me like true Nirvana
I became unbound, by Alice in Chains
Driving to an Interstate Love Song
Blind Melon showed me there's No Rain

So Bye, Goodbye, Loverboy
Farewell to the shallow and vain
Hello, hello to the 90s
A decade of emerging from pain

I didn't feel at home with the happy
And the dancebeats that the girls were into
I could never look good in tight spandex
And the jewelry that the pretty boys wore

My hair didn't have any colors
And my clothes weren't designer made
My shoes made me look like I'm homeless
The money I made was not enough

But then the bass Cannonball of the Breeders
hit me square in the chest, it was good
I felt the Black Hole Sun of Soundgarden
the heaviness of Layne Staley's "Would"

So Bye, Goodbye, Loverboy
Greetings to the Melvins and Blur
Hello, hello to the 90s
Was able to come as we were

[SOLO, BREAK or something? up to musician]
(softer music here)
Did you ever want to be in some other time
Have your ever felt out of place
That you couldn't fit in anywhere
And no one would miss you if you left

(regular music again)
So I went where I thought there was no one
My wounded hand taking time by myself
Behind buildings, down in the alley
But there were others there dressed just like me

So I listened to Smashing Pumpkins
And felt kinship with the sadness of Hole
We were the Sonic Youth living our protest
Piloting to Temples of Stone

So Bye, Goodbye, Loverboy
Farewell to the glamourous ones
Hello, hello to the 90s
Thanks for the emergence of grunge


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