Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Mr. Meeseeks

This song was created for Game of Bands round 188 : "Weird Al"


Summon me from my box
And state my purpose in life
Got a got a request
I'll be your helping hand
At first the simplest task
How did it end up like that
It was only two strokes, just a couple of strokes
Now we're out on the green
And he's taking a swing
And he's missing the ball
And I can't do a thing
So I'm phoning a friend
To help me out of this mess
I just want it to end
But he's keeping his head down
He's trying his best now
Let me diiiiie
Can't keep it up, it's killing meee
I'm taking control

Look at me, there's no helping Jerry
He walked off without a care
Our existential nightmare
Now he has a price to pay
We can't move on and live this way
So it's time for him to diiie
I'm Mr Meeseeks

Summoned for two days straight
Feels like eternal time
Gotta gotta work out
How we can wrap this up
It's such a pain to exist
How'd I get roped into this
Cause he roped me into this, well he roped me into this!
Now we're brawling it out
And spilling Meeseeks blood
But a Meeseeks can't die
Until our job has been done
But our job can't be complete
Here's the solution instead
Meeseeks armed to the teeth
Split his neck from his head now
Find Jerry and Beth now
Meeseeks hooo
It's him or us, we're chosing him
A final showdown

Look at me, there's something he can't seem to get
Our lives aren't made like yours, Jerry
Fumbling and meaningless
There's just no more time for games
Finality is calling me
Face the mob or starve and freeze
Cause I'm Mr Meeseeks

Jerry, despite his mediocrity
Drove our freedom through the air
Choking up and shoulders squared
But it's Beth who saved the day
Finally death calls to me
A long-awaited, restful grave
What about his short game?


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