Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Soldier of the Cure

This song was created for Game of Bands round 190 : "Pandemic"


We should have seen these signs some years ago
But hindsight won't show what we need to know
The doctors can't contain its vicious spread
Now they're reporting forty million dead
Rearing its head before our very eyes
An express train ride, next stop: paradise

I can't sit idly by
And watch so many people die
What can I really do
If science hasn't broken through?
Yet I still feel compelled
To formulate and make all well
I swear I will not rest
Before I cure the viral pest

I've been experimenting night and day
But feel I've done no good, to my dismay
Feels like this virus has me by the throat
But I still soldier toward the antidote

Tests week after week
Still I'm leagues from what I seek
Nothing's come from all my work
The path to cure is think with murk
How much time has passed?
How much longer can this last?
How much closer can I get?
Shall I quit? Is my fate set?

No! There's still more to give.
This won't defeat me while I live.
All that I've already done
Will be worth it once we've won.
Though my drive may be quite low
Still I shall commit to go
Nothing shall occupy my brain
Until this viral beast lies slain!

Bit by bit it shows itself
All my work is going well
For so long have I labored here
I'm starting to be gripped by fear
What's this cough and stomachache?
Should I take a day-long break?
Is it hot or am I stressed?
What's this feeling in my chest?

They might say that I'm too far gone
But they can't see the path I'm on
This cure is right around the bend
There's no way I am at my end
Though I grow weaker, I can see
This antidote shall come from me
I'm full of life and so damn close
To ending my more recent woes
No I'm not going out this way
There's still so much I have to say
I'm not done yet, look in my eye
I'm sure it's not my time to die


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