Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Stay Indoors

This song was created for Game of Bands round 191 : "Solitude"


whistle when your with me
wistful without
wish you were with me
as i look all around
found your face once again
cant seem to hide or pretend
i might still need a friend

be true, be true to me
Oh still asking why
i wonder if we could ever fly,
we could ever fly

look through the window carefully
black sheep moving with the herd
ask yourself what you’re seeing
are you immobilized by the world

Stuck in this box
Breakout don’t stop
Build a bigger clock
Its just a larger lock
Restock the antidote
Sour note
but still afloat

With this lockjaw government saying bite down
Naw I'm above this shit
Hm its bright out now

Chasing zephyr for that fresh air
going since I started
I could use a breathe yeah
Rested and refreshed bet
I don’t want to discuss it

Your mind must remain open
One with reality
we’re still hoping’
Outrunning abysmal banalities
Divided upon applying the quotient

With this lockjaw government saying bite down
Stay indoors
Naw I'm above this shit
hope you don't have to protect whats yours
Hm its bright out now

nobody lookin for a fight right now
but when the lights go down
the goons come out
are you lookin around in the streets right now?
what are they lookin for guard on patrol

stay indoors


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