Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Around (They'll Come Around)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 192 : "Music of the 2030s"


Around, around...

...It wasn’t long ‘fore a breakthrough
Wasn’t long ‘fore the helmet had its debut
All the scientists were clambering and stammering
Their thoughts shown on the screen, the machine, it was enamoring

...The demo slammed, was a huge hit
I’d worked for months and put up with all their bullshit
But my mentor went alone and popped the champagne
I got left at home, thought I was too new to the game

They said they wanted it renowned
Around, around, they’ll come around
They’ve kept me locked up underground
Around, around, they’ll come around

...Felt something wrong, found the program
My name was gone, the operation was a whole scam
My rent was choking out on the curbside
While they all ate cake, one slice less to divide

...I lost my cool, went to the lab
Straight to the console and hooked up the tabs
Recorded everything that ran inside my mind
Gripped the leather tensely as the pixels combined

They went and showed off what I’d found
Around, around, they’ll come around
They brushed me off without a sound
Around, around, they’ll come around!

Took off with the flash drive
Made sure my secret hand was in the archive
Five minutes of just ranting and shouting
From my mouth to yours while the hatred is spouting

And I’ve got you where I want!
You’ve never bothered to turn the damn thing on
Now I’ve got some evidence, straight from my head
Pouring through the business board and rushing straight ahead

They said they’d come around
Just wait ‘till this gets out—!

They said they’d come around, now...
But when that tape is found

It seems you’ve erased my name
Well two can play at that game
Let’s see you come from this unscathed

I’ve lost it all and so will you
It’s not my fault you stretched the truth
Just using what I have!

They said they'd come around...


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