Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Cartoonist's Ballad

This song was created for Game of Bands round 194 : "Disney Duets"


(Spoken intro)

(Footsteps and paper ruffling)


Inky? What's wrong?

She….she doesn't like me?

What...what do you mean?

(Verse 1)

The lady that you drew for me

To be my friend and fill me with glee

She walked away onto another page

Well why on earth would she do this

I drew her so she'd cause you bliss

To be your friend and end your lonely age. 

(Verse 2)

You don't understand, my creator friend

When you drew her face to, my loneliness, end

And you drew her long beautiful flowing hair

Oh my God, did you fall in love

It wasn't falling, it was more like a shove

And she shoved into a world of growing despair

(Spoken interlude)

Well, can draw a new-

Don't even!


Ah, jeez, I'm sorry. 

It's...fine, but what CAN I do for you?

(Verse 3)

You cannot just stay here on the black page

Why shouldn't I? It represents my personal cage

Well this isn't the little Inky boy I know

Well, then what's he like? He's a jolly li'l fellow

Prancing through the hills of black, basking in the sun of yellow

And I'd hate to see my buddy get consumed by woe

(Verse 4)

I just can't get over her, her little sticky arms

Her beady little eyes, her quirky little charms

Tell me, Inky, what happened to make you blue?

Well I told her I loved her with all my heart

But she said that she didn't and away she depart-

-ed. Please tell your creator what he can do for you.

(Spoken Interlude)

I just want some time alone. Time to think about how to get her back

Would that make you happy?

Just place this paper somewhere quiet

(Paper ruffling)

Is this quiet? In the guest room?

Yeah. A nice quiet place to think. Thank you.




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