Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Our Hero Sets His Eyes For The Sun (Fantasy Anonymous - Catharsis)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 197 : "Randomly Generated II"


Our hero sits alone at night
Watching the world
Just the moon and harsh computer light
That flickers and whirls

As the cars fly by the telescope
Watching the sky
There, our hero gazes past the coast
And softly sighs

Too many years ago
We lost our light show
Our view into the universe

And so we wait
As the movie plays in space
Keeping our eyes locked onto the hearse
Who said it ends this way?
Our hero starts his quest that day
And posts a call to action
Through the net to get some traction

"Come and join me," reads the flyer
That spread all throughout downtown
"And I know it all looks dire
But we've got to come around"

Touched by the pleas
An impassioned crowd wades through the dust
Behind the trees
The scope’s overgrown and caked in rust

One finds the rear
And the work begins without a hitch
Wiping down the gears
And another finds a tiny switch

Heavy metal bangs together
The telescope jumps to life
Iron gears and belts of leather
The viewing dome fills with light

All the stars spell out “We missed you,”
“We found some things you might like”
“There’s a planet with no issues”
“We think it might carry life”

Here ends our ache
All in our wake
The world may bend but never break

We’ve just begun
The worst is done
Our hero sets his eyes for the sun



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