Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Needle Nightmare

This song was created for Game of Bands round 198 : "Nightmares"


Needle against eyeball
Body bound in thread thrall
I'm a powerless prey
Helpless to look away

Tightly stitched in thread
Eyelids bleeding red
They can't split, they can't see
Eyelids no longer free

Needle against lip skin,
Like a knife to the chin
Sharp, thin (and) threatening
Ready to kill in a sting

Tightly bounded in thread
My lips (are) bleeding red
They can't split, they can't scream
Soft lips turned (in)to seem


I screamed, flesh fought threads
Which will win, which will rip ?
I screamed, torn to shreds
Bloody split upper lip

And I cried, flesh fought threads
Which had won, which had slid ?
And I cried, torn to shreds
Bloody split eyelid

I woke up it was a dream
no gore no scar no scream
Just a bloody nightmare
No seam no tear no tear

There shouldn't be a seam
Yet I won't cry, won't scream
There's no thread to thrall
And yet I'm stuck I'm stall


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