Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Stuff of Nightmares

This song was created for Game of Bands round 198 : "Nightmares"


The Stuff of Nightmares

Then I’m flying
The clouds are sighing
And the sky is
A perfect shade
of blue

Then the night is
all points of light
Shining bright
In full white
the moon

My love is here
And holds me near
Whispers in my ear
I love you

[Good Dreams II]
Sistren and Brethren
Bonhomie and splender
Little brothers sisters
And all things tender

In tune with the world
Both outer and inner
Peace and hope
Go hand in hand

Among friends
The mirth spreads
Wine and revels

[Good Dreams III]
I work for high wages
My castle, my home
I have land by the acres
My bank accounts full
High is my tide
Afloat in my riches
I am wanting for nothing
A feast for my hunger
The flesh I desire
No break in my stride

Today good has prevailed
After hard fought battle
Victors are hailed
We ride

But the shades awaken
They rise up in corners
Growing ever larger
Larger in the darkness

Crowding me
Clouting me
Enshrouding me
Devouring me
Chasing me
Debasing me
Defacing me
Erasing me

Mistakes you made
You failed the grade
Can’t be saved
An early grave
The stuff of nightmares

Lost your grip
You start to slip
The current rips
A one-way trip
The stuff of nightmares

Staring eyes
Hidden lies
Darkened skies
And lightning strikes
The stuff of nightmares

Losing face
I’m being chased
I stand accused
I feel disgraced
The stuff of nightmares

Refusing me
Excluding me
Neglecting me
Rejecting me
The stuff of nightmares


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