Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

04b - Shaman Llama Ding Dong

This song was created for Game of Bands round 200 : "Storyline Supergroups - GoB: Behind The Music"


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Chapter 4.5: New sound/Experimentation
"Shaman Llama Ding Dong"
(Starts off sung soft, kind of like Pink Floyd, "Hey You" intro style).
(IU: please note the rhyming scheme intrasentence as well, where possible)
00:18.5 Endured it to the end
00:21.0 of the tour, the band
00:23.5 And the crowds were loud
00:26.5 Band's now blacked out

00:30.0 They need to take some rest
00:32.5 From the unbearable stress
00:35.0 So the weary band
00:38.0 Goes to a remote island

00:41.5 Chance on a shaman man
00:44.0 Hold hands and chant, seance
00:46.5 A llama spit in the tea
00:49.5 Belladonnic Ecstacy

00:53.5 The band's seeing weird things
00:56.0 Singer thinks he's a king
00:58.5 Guitarist insists he has wings
01:01.5 Bassist thinks he can sing

01:05.0 Drummer was dubbed "Ding Dong"
01:07.5 Chugged water from the bong
01:10.0 Abstracting songs anew
01:13.0 As ding dongs tend to do

01:16.0 Pasta, we are chomping beyond
01:20.5 this Saga, slumber and song

01:25.0 Rasta, the feeling's so strong
01:29.5 Colossal visions guide their new song

01:34.0 A Shaman Ramen Llama Pajama
01:37.0 Ding Dong Singalong!

01:40.5 Singer envisions blessedness
01:43.0 Guitarist ends up a mess
01:45.5 Ding Dong becomes obsessed
01:48.5 With Llama Pegasus

01:52.5 Possessed, and in his calvins
01:55.0 Ding Dong longs to ride the pegasus
01:57.5 into the heavens, thus
02:00.5 Arguments, recklessness

02:03.5 10th story bathroom window
02:06.0 Llama's gory doom, won't go
02:08.5 out the portal, physics, breeze
02:11.5 immortal spirits, martyrs, memories

02.15.5 Caused a dawn haunting prolonged
02:20.0 Saw the wrong thing and both were gone
02:24.5 The Shaman Ramen Llama Pajama
02:27.5 Ding Dong, Clingalong

02:31.0 Fostered trauma as madness spawned
02:35.5 Loss of dogma as we played along

02:40.0 A Shaman Ramen Llama Pajama
02:43.0 Ding Dong Flingalong
02:48.0 A Shaman Ramen Llama Pajama
02:51.0 Ding Dong Singalong!



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