Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Boy And The Whale

This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"


(Verse 1)
A boy was lying on the beach
To relax for a day
The tiny waves caress his feet
In a steady rhythmic way

Above him, thundering clouds loom
And raindrops start to fall
But in the distance, in the sea
He hears a special call

And suddenly, from the brine
A great big humpback leaps
The boy knows just what to do
Climbs on his back to reach the deep

(Verse 2)
Underneath the deep blue waves
The boy rides on the whale
And even though there is no air
His lungs, they do not fail

Schools of fish and lumps of coral
As far as he can see
The calming sound of his baleen friend
Ring out across the deep

The thunderstorm raging above
Rings clearly down below
The whale can sense the boy's distress
And flips his tail and down they go

(Verse 3)
Elation's all the boy can feel
Seeing creatures all around
Cnidarians and mollusks and
Indescribables abound

The whale, he opens up his mouth
When he sees a swarm of krill
The boy, he watches in deep wonder
As the whale eats his fill

Soon the boy feels something wrong
The whale, he needs to breathe
At knots unbounded up he goes
Up to the surface and to breach

(Verse 4)
All the people at the beach
See a sight to behold
A little boy who's riding on
A whale that's colored gold

The boy can finally see the whale
Without the water's haze
And see the aura of magic
Clear with his boyish gaze

The boy is now back on the shore
And turns and waves goodbye
To the magical cetacean friend
Who gave him the adventure of his life


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