Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Golden Glow

This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"


[date of radio transmission: january 19th, 1970]
[broadcaster: unknown]
[location of shipwreck: unknown]


Cold and stagnant waves splash and part beneath the oars
A gentle breeze sweeps arounds into the drooping sails
Skies and water blend together, a boat disturbs the blue
With bloodied hands and sweating arms a madman races through:

I've seen your golden glow
on the horizon
And I will look forever
one day I'll get to you
even if it's the last thing I do

he spends his days rowing away at night he barely sleeps
he dreams of riches far beyond the likes he's ever seen -
cities made of gold that lie in the middle of the sea
He's grown so thin, his body's weak but his eyes still burn bright red
he puts the sextant to his eye - the stars tell him that its there
but nothing more then cold black seas surround him, nothing more but death

I've seen your golden glow just beyond my reach
on the horizon as the sun set behind me
And I will look forever, scour every inch
one day I'll get to you
even if it's the last thing I do

and on he rows, to death or gold, further from the shore



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