Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Ballad of Deepwater

This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"



Have you all heard,
of the Deepwater Horizon,
It's not so suprising,
How could it be worse
For months it was pouring
oil, from the sea it kept rising
Deepwater Horizon,
through the Gulf it dispersed.

Was an evening, in April
in two thousand ten
a water gush fateful
an explosive event
Mud, and gas, and water
shot to the sky
ignited and slaughtered
11 men who then died

This is the tale
of the Deepwater Horizon,
We're still deciding
How how much did it hurt
Five million barrels
from the sea it kept rising
Deepwater Horizon,
and the beaches immersed.

Such a sad story
Deepwater Horizon,
The courts are providing
a punishing account
The amount of dead wildlife
The counts, they keep rising
Deepwater Horizon,
such damage, profound

The Blowout Preventer
was attempted and failed
Blind Shear Ram no better
Post mortem detailed
Fire was extinguished
but the platform rig sank
USA has distinguished
this spill #1 Ranked

Such a sad story
the Deepwater Horizon,
BP is providing
after the law said must
Five million pounds
sand's not surving
Deepwater Horizon,
and the seashore is crushed

This is a sad ballad
of Deepwater Horizon,
We must all keep fighting
to keep our land safe
But they will rebuild it
the drilling and mining
this moment defining
a test of our faith!

Under the waves lays the
Deepwater Horizon,
decaying and dying
Where the flow finally stopped
We've all been betrayed
by the Deepwater Horizon,
We'll keep on revising
All the damage we got


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