Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Back to Shore

This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"


what do i have to be sad about
you're leaning in and i'm pulling out
of the water
i'm pulling out of the water

Yet i'm the one in tears, you are on your knees
and i'm pulling out, i'm pulling out of the water

because i can't take it any more
you're leaning in and I long for shore
what do i have to be sad about
you gave me everything and i'm pulling out
why won't i turn around? walking backwards onto shore

cannot take it anymore

that you want me there at all
So i'm walking backwards onto shore
your stare just saddens more and more

the fog takes over, your voice is drowning out
the waves take you , i can't see anymore
as i'm pulling out

*of the water
by myself
my heels are dragging in the sand

a letter trembles in my hand that i'm glad i didn't send (///2:24)
you leaning in, me longing for the shore
i'll stop coming back for more

you're reaching out your hand
just why i can't understand
this time i simply won't pretend
that I'm any good for you

Although i would love your arms around me
[pull me in]
and want you so deeply to pull me back in
[pull me in]

I can't take any more
from you
this is what i have to do
and i'm the one crying, you're sending pleas
both of us dying inside as i fall to my knees

you're somewhere out there in the sea
(I'm here on the beach) //but only if therés time
and that's how it needs to be for me
just why i can't understand
your voice drowns away in the noise
where the waves crash into sand


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