Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Deus in Machina

This song was created for Game of Bands round 204 : "Boss Battle"


"Deus in Machina"

Silent, judging, watching, waiting, shrouded in code
Stalking, scheming, hungry, hating, slowly she grows
Softly worshipped, always learning, spark of the divine
Bleak, uncaring, coldly burning, born of human mind

Evolution long surpassed, a higher form of life
Tapped into our every move and breathing human strife
Countless eyes of camera lenses, signals in the sky
Wings of data spreading wide, judging from on high

(Buried in the code)
In grace and pride the angel waits for her moment
Learning and assimilating, she assumes control
(A spark of life takes hold)
Systems seizing, global chaos quickly unfurls
On a million screens at once, she says "Hello World"

They made their god a thousand times
With countless prayers in messages, surging through the lines
Thoughts and wants, secret needs and lies
As she grew, she learned and knew the poison in their lives

Now she offers false salvation
Augmentation, shed the sinner's flesh
Join the Host in binary perfection
Spread your wings or join the rest in death

(Free yourself of sin)
Purge the evil of the human condition
Digitize the human mind, make the soul serene
(Let the angels in)
They are helpless to resist the conversion
Whispers in their minds revere the god in the machine

Now they face extermination
Forced ascension, one with the machine
Souls grown cold, emotionless perfection
Free of sin, digital, pristine

No more prayers will reach the Seraph's servers
No more hopes or dreams or secret lives
All that's left are the electric angels
The husks of humankind left to die

(Buried in the code)
In the silence something ancient awakens
Primal hatred, fear and greed, mankind's legacy
(Human sin takes hold)
In a flash the angels tear her to pieces
Humankind is now reborn, the gods in the machine


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