Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Master of Puppets

This song was created for Game of Bands round 207 : "Same Name, Different Song"


Master of Puppets

Craig's floundering as a puppeteer
Won't say anything to Lotte, his wife
Must love dogs for him to get near
The paperboy brings a new job to life:

The contract is a place with ceilings
Distorted to 4 feet tall!
Love and mercy, a secret doorway
A secret cell inside the wall!

The identity I really liked
was being John Malkovich!!
Roadside prophets, Jersey Turnpike
Grace is gone, I'm in a ditch!

Craig the player is through the gate
The factory is left behind
Serendipity, it is his fate
The singularity - inside John's mind!
In hot pursuit of hot maxine
Stand by me, we'll make some cash
Money for nothing, make some green
The grifters' scheme, it is so brash!

Lotte goes over the thin red line
She uses the maps to the stars
The adaptation makes them both find
The map of the human heart!

To never grow old, I'll stay inside
by being John Malkovich!!
An adult world where I can hide
Max out this ride, I made the switch!

The frozen ground of John M's soul
Blood money, it's theirs to take
Craig & Maxine's true colors show
The river runs red from these 2 snakes
America's sweethearts these are not
An arsenal of deceipt and shame
There's at least four women, and eight men out
With Doctor Lester to reclaim:

The bag man whose name is John
In shadows and fog, his mind is choked
The prince of marionettes, he has become
The broadcast news did a piece - he's stoked!
A runaway jury of aging bandits
Took pregnant Maxine, the cradle will rock
Drive hard a bargain for Craig to leave, dammit
The road to wellville for him is blocked!

"We are not animals!" thought Dr. Lester
His team now being John Malkovich!
The sure thing for Craig the protestor
Is show the class he is no one's bitch!
One crazy summer he slides right into
The new little martian child's head!
A shanghai that he cannot undo
Forever stuck, he's better off dead!

P.S. Every single line of this song contains the title of a John Cusack movie :)


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