Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Bad Blood

This song was created for Game of Bands round 207 : "Same Name, Different Song"


VERSE 1: (anemia)
I used to have a simple life
Never had to face no strife
Good family, good home, good times
Everything was right

But under all the merriment
Lurked a looming health event
So dizzy, so faint, so spent
A sudden descent

I've got bad blood
I've got anemia
My mind retreats
Face meets concrete

VERSE 2: (Leukemia)
Today I threw away my clothes
They were ruined by my bloody nose
The jacket, the pants, the blouse
Every piece got doused

How much more can I take
My bones hurt so bad they might break
The ulcers, the wounds, the ache
This pain I can’t shake

I've got bad blood
I've got leukemia
Chemo makes me sick
Brain feels like a brick

VERSE 3: (Hemophilia)
Running late, gotta get to work
Crossed paths with a rash jerk
The semi, the tree, the murk
No time to swerve

My wounds leak and ooze
Twelve units had to be transfused
Bad bruises, bad drugs, bad food
Never felt more screwed

I've got bad blood
I've got hemophilia
Hope is receding
My liver keeps bleeding

VERSE 4: (lymphoma)
Sweep away my full plate
Full of food I don't love or hate
Low hunger, low strength, low weight
No choice, no debate

I toss and turn every damn night
The fatigue lingers, I never sleep right
The panting, the sweat, the fright
I'm losing my fight

I've got bad blood
I've got lymphoma
Lymph nodes overload
Contentment corrodes


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