Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Desert, Desert, Dessert

This song was created for Game of Bands round 208 : "Desert"


Tamina wanted to be married,
I just wanted to have some fun
There's more reasons, yeah, they varied
I broke it off, and walked into the sun.
The heat was brutal as I wandered
But now I'm too far to turn back
The opportunity I squandered
felt ok once I had a snack

The steps that I took, to avoid the hurt
They were: Desert, Desert Dessert.
intents that I mistook, in tents I must avert
they are: Desert, Desert, Dessert

Skip the bitter, and go soft and sweet
Semolina and a small spoon
Butter honey, almonds make the treat
I eat Tamina under the moon
Do i regret. leaving all i built
To live amongst the stars
Must I walk around, carrying this guilt?
Of course not, because I have a car

Should I use a napkin, or just use my shirt
when I Desert, Desert, Dessert
No more energy, that I can exert
Because I Desert, Desert Dessert.


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