Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Greece's Best Warrior

This song was created for Game of Bands round 210 : "Random Wikipedia Page"


Inspired by the wikipedia entry for Ruse de Guerre

Patroclus said:
Achilles I just can't stand by
While the Trojans rain fire and you're choosing to stand aside
If you won't fight, gift me your armor, I'll take your place in stride
You're not being yourself, from the grey sea with cliffs high

Dressed as you, I will lead your troops in glory, the enemy ignoring who might be hidden underneath
They'll be fools, we'll carefully plan this ruse, we'll push them back until they choose to surrender (and no further!)

Battle's begun
The Trojans run
Forward until they see the armor
Engulfed in bronze , A man too strong
Greece's best warrior?
A simple trick, it will be quick, it will be simple
Time to attack, the die is cast
We'll push them back

They tell Achilles later
All was going well, the war was raging and your Patroclus was like a spell
Dispelling all the notions of worry from his other men.
Following your orders, there's never been a better man
They reach the walls, and then he has the gall
To try to crawl over it, so he can descend on the Trojan as he falls
He strikes forward, once, twice, thrice but the fourth he's cut down
He meets the end of a spear, and there's no getting up from the ground

The battle's done
It seems we won
But Achilles lost his lover
Say what's become-,what's going on with
Greece's best warrior?
A simple trick, should've been quick, should've been simple?
It's all a mess, the die was cast
There's no going back

Achilles in a rage, he cannot stand that one would take
Away his lover in such a cruel and shameless way
If only Patroclus had listened if only he'd given
a second thought to caution, wasn't that an option?
He shouldn't have gotten caught
Promised he'd been right back
Is it wrong to blame the dead
When they've had their final breath
Achilles fulfills Patroclus' final words by avenging him
And requests they mix their ashes when the world is done with him



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