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Wizards At War

This song was created for Game of Bands round 210 : "Random Wikipedia Page"


Wizards at War

[Scene opens on a tavern.]

Geralt: Fuck off, bard.

Jaskier: For one measly night of service, you will gain a cornucopia of earthly delights. The greatest masters of the culinary arts crafting morsels worthy of the gods. Maidens that would make the sun itself blush with a single comely smile. And rivers of the sweetest of drinks from the rarest of... Food, women and wine, Geralt!

It's up to you, dear listener
Whether to believe me
Or think that I deceive thee

My craft is known for lying -
For flights of fancy
Telling tales and prancing

This tale though, I assure you
Is nothing but the truth

The scene: a battle to the death
Two wizards - they are fighting
See them cast their spells

Lightning, fire; rock earth and stone.
they cast the elemental forces, upon their hated foe
A mighty wizard battle, amidst a mighty wizard war
A thunder crack - the sky turns black
they wield their magic staffs

The dust settles -
The fiery embers' glow turns to dim

the victor and the vanquished are clear as day
though no one truly wins

there is no lesson here - no moral, just the telling of a story
Spectacle - tragedy and glory

Another day - there'll be another battle
Another wizard's death
Corpses piled up to the sky
They've breathed their final breath

Across the land, mothers cry and
Fathers bury sons
The wizards war - the grind goes on
Through the turning of the sun

[A smattering of applause.]


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