Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Eggplant Emoji

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Let’s start with conparky, take some easy shots
Cause everybody knows that he’s got the hots
For Joji, or filthy frank, or whatever his name is
I’m really not sure what his claim to fame is
It’s fine, man, let him do his “masterclasses”
While Eggplant’s up in here and teachin’ all your asses
How to flow and how to rhyme and how your ego’s fleeting
I hope you’re all prepared for this ridiculous beating

Man, who wrote the lyrics for these pitiful fools?
They came to give a lesson but they’re gonna get schooled
Saucy Jack? Your name might as well be Ken
‘Cause Ryu’s on the mic, and we all know who’s gonna win
Your lyrics are shallow and your tracks are a wreck
Never heard a song that didn’t sound like a bounced check
Nah, I’m just kidding, there’s some bangers in there
Cause talented people carried your ass everywhere

You’ve taken your shots, we’re none the worse for wear
What’s up team 11 - you guys hanging in there?
We’ve still got plenty of fire and our lyrics are deft
Man I eat you guys for breakfast - who’s left? (Oh right)

Kilazur, golden boy du jour, tried, tested and true troubadour
You hear him crooning like a wet cat in a petit-four
On every track that’s let him take a tour
Remember when you had a revolution?
Now you’re barely keeping up with the evolution
English as a second language? My ass
Gonna come down to France and sit you down in my class

Righto that takes care of these wackos
What should we do with the rest of the track tho?
Toot my own horn? Nah, that seems redundant
Instead we’ve got a message that’s much more important:
Drink water, be kind, take care of each other
And keep in mind these people are your sisters and brothers
Remember to unwind, these are challenging times
And we’ll make it together - so leave no one behind

Luckily we know that we’ve got what it takes
Right here on these tracks and in these takes
Coming together across mountains and lakes
Collaboration’s key as we’re raising the stakes
So hear this pledge, yes? Community in every breath
Together we might just clean up this mess
A year of isolation didn’t blunt my edge
‘Cause Game of Bands keeps me coming back from the ledge


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