Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Back To My Dreams

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Game of Bands 211: Epic Rap Battles: Dreams vs Reality: Dreams

Vocals by firstdragonfruit & sleeper

[Dreams makes an opening proposition:]

Dreams are the thoughts and the spaces in between
You scream, I scream, but in the end I am the Queen
You can have your pain, sadness, death, and despair
I'll be riding on a dragon, opium laced wind in my hair
It's called hopes and dreams,
not hopes and realities.

So just sit your ass down
While I live out your hyperboles
Take a ride on my limpid perception
As I open your mind to your world of deceptions

I take your magnanimous, inconceivable, fabulous
Morph the flat to phantasmagoric, euphoric life in the nebulas
Your brain is blown, blitzed by the beauty, butterflies blow you a kiss
Cuz you never knew you could be blessed by a world as stunning as this

I explode your sensations
scenes that your body can't handle
I explore your temptations
Burning you up like a candle

You see the colours you hide, glowin' up like stars in the night
You're fighting darkness with unicorns, as you explode it with light
I make your wishes come true
As your desires take flight
Riding high in the magic as you take on the sights

And it's true that a dream can be extra scary
But our spiders teeth can't get through skin
And they prefer dairy
We got flying fairies, snozberries, and talking dromedaries
Making your real fantasies come to life

In dreamland you can have a husband and a wife.
Just like the gods that everyone likes so much
You can be in Boston for Breakfast and Laos for lunch.
So please just accept what you got
Dreams are better, reality's not

Why do I feel trapped in this waking life?
How do I get back to my dreams?

[An alarm sounds, signaling the transition back into wakefulness.]

Oh! Welcome back. We missed you. Look around.
Everything is the same it ever was.
And that's because:

Dreams will hold you back if they're all you have
Concerned with what could be instead of what it is
For the ideal you'll bite, kick, punch and scratch
But perfectionism sullies your accomplishment

Your team is lame, weak, timid and tame
My team's a mountain lion, sniffing cocaine
Your dreams are stifled, bleached of all of their color
Cuz dreams are nothing more than reality's buffer

You can dream of bluer skies, keep hoping and wishin'
But there has to be action to realize your vision, my time here is short as I contort my mind
Attempting to accept that life is divine
There’s more to reality than meets the eye

Babies are born, people laugh, people love, people cry
Dreams have wings, but realities the ground
In dreams when you scream it won’t make a sound
And Don Sutherland is not around to save you from this nightmare you found

Yourself in when the dream went bad
and you realize that its all you had
but then you wake up and you fill your cup
you forget about it, you’re no longer stuck

you pick up in the world you left behind
and if you give it a chance I think you’ll find
This waking life can be so sublime
Feeling love again for the first time
Telling you all the trouble has been worthwhile

When you're flowing with your style and getting in the zone
Whether you're rooming, married, or living alone
It's that feeling of accomplishment when you realize you made it
It's that reeling from astonishment when you realize the greatest

Thing that ever happened to you was waking up
And you contemplate all the things that you're proud of
It's skydiving, horse riding hanging with friends
Reality is wonderful I hope it never ends

How do I get back to this waking life?
Why do I feel trapped in my dreams?

Consciousness Wars V: Dreams Strike Back

Life grounded has gone to shit
Even the worst type of TV is named after it
Reality. What a nasty sounding word
Makes me think of bills, heartbreak, bad weather and my dead bird
During the day my subconscious is silent
The id is trapped behind the egos violence

Welcome to the temple, the garden of your mind
Feed crystal seeds I proceed to manifest at speeds unshackled by time
Possibilities deathless, synchronicities senselessly endless,
I take your pain and create a world leaving you dazzled and breathless.

I give you colours of hope
Blissed love that’s leaving you woke
You’re flying high in the sky, heart mind and spirit elope.
I let you hear, taste, see, smell, feel out of reality’s reach
I take the sensing out of sensible, leaving reality weak
My true self awakens in the light of my dreams
Sadness doesn't exist where the sun always gleams

Why do I feel trapped in this waking life?
How do I get back to my dreams?


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