Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

xoxo <33

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


You can't imagine a future where we'll stomp you out?
That's a pretty bold move, you're here acting so proud
shouting so loud, listen you ain't got no cloud
you've got nothing to back it up
Nothing but chit chat, riff-raff
Prepare to get some whiplash
yeah I'll hit you like a truck
I won't blame you if you wanna stop
cause you'll drop dead, better quit while you're ahead
I'll take you to the river give you boots of lead
chicken out now or I'll tear you to shreds

You can't choose, you'll lose either without or with a bruising
Now it might be quite amusing but I'll give you one last chance
get out while you can, this ain't no game of bands
it's a warzone
and I'm heading for the throne
better get out of the way
or you'll be limping back home

6 minutes' too much? Damn, you're gonna wish it was 3
I don't want to be mean, but you're just making it easy
I'd rather be a lemming so I could jump off a cliff
Better than to sit here and listen to you riff

I'm glad I've got a hypeman, even from the other team
and hell indeed awaits, but it's not waiting for me
Can't you already see? I'm in it to win it
I am pushing the limit
no matter how you spin it
I am bringing the gold
You're in here going AB
I'm the king of the flow
You're nothing I'm pro
You're dissing my crew
Hell no I'm going solo
You say you're not a no-show,
well oh no!
we're going to see...
Can you handle the heat?
You think you're so hot?
Nah, mate you're gonna freeze.
Here luv, take the mic
yo DJ switch the beat!

Have you thought of some more rhymes
thinking that will save you?
Well I hate to tell you
but dense lines mean bugger all
when they're as empty as your erased mind

Yes I'm quite the gazelle
I'm indeed quick on my feet
the lion's easy meat
but still, I'm somehow winning
I'm beginning to think
that the lion's declawed
you're a fraud,
not a single thought
that's original
now bow before the lyrical
god of gob

ps. I hope you get it
I'm not sure if you heard it
mister Florida man,
but you can shut a gator up
with the force of a rubber band

wasn't even close, but it was a fair fight
now hugs and kisses, have a very nice night


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