Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

And she cried in Starlight

This song was created for Game of Bands round 212 : "Sci-Fi Aesthetics"


The comm crackled to life
A white noise soliloquy
When fire danced through unlit skies
As she gazed out on the quay

“Key to the job,” he said, and he
burst into the scene
[And] when the fire roared, never,
Never again would he be seen

Hot-rodders on the way
No chance to escape
She clutched the comms in her hand
As his spirit faded away

And she cried in starlight
Under the red sand sea
As they took her away
Towards eternity

Ray-gun still concealed
She broke, shot, and ran
So fast, so far, and “so long!” to
The chains that bound her there

Bodies fell, she ran
No stranger to the lam, ‘til she
Kissed that comm-pad goodbye
And joined a traveling band
{The start of her new life}

Now she gigs on the town
Cantina band performs the sound that
Her last flame used to play
And she stands and she sings

“And he cried in starlight
Under the red sand sea
As it took him away
Towards eternity”

“And I cried in starlight
Under the red sand sea
Back when he took me away
Towards eternity”


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