Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Revenge in Time

This song was created for Game of Bands round 212 : "Sci-Fi Aesthetics"


They all said I couldn’t do it
Wish they could see me now
I simply got right down to it
As sweat poured from my brow

Endless nights of calculation
Checked and then checked again
Resulting in my creation
None equal among men

Its power, unrivaled
Potential, unstifled
It’s been worth the climb
To travel through time

Ohhh I’ve gone and cracked the code
My world’s on easy mode
It’s impossible to stop my ultimate plan
Ohhh abilities unseen
Lie within my new machine
No longer may we say “time waits upon no man!”

[Verse 2]

I know I can’t be too careful
For one wrong step spells doom
In a constant state of peril
For fault I have no room

Meticulous execution
Will net me my true end
And bring about a solution
To which I shall attend

They must not discover
That there is another
It would be for nought
If I should get caught

Ohhh my plan is now in place
I’ve gone through time and space
To do no less than all I wanted done
Ohhh and so when I return
My enemies shall learn
To bow before their king of old and king of new

I’ve travelled years and years to reappear at last
And note the people whom I’ve seen fit to lambast
A revelation that will hit them like a bomb
That I’ve gone back in time and slept with each one’s mom

Ohhh and that is what you get
For flaming me on the internet
This isn’t close to how you thought this tale would end
Ohhh you brought this on yourself
And insulting me won’t help
Besides, your mom said I’m the best she’s had in bed


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