Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 214 : "Lullabies"


Sleep my child, for one day soon,
you will need to wake
To a world of uncertainty, my girl,
with everything at stake
You’ll have many burning questions,
love, most about your past
How cruel and kind we all once were..

You are the future, heart,
but your time will soon be now,
The past creeps in with the shadows, dear,
and then you will see how…
No.. close your eyes and sleep,
my tiny tear of joy
I sing that you see us rosier,
but for now, sleep, my child, sleep

Each breath it will give you dreams of hope,
my love, with every kiss and each embrace
Sleep, my love, we’re waiting for you,
one day to make that change
That one forbidden minute
to release us from this downward race
That one unforgotten dream
to inspire us and follow through
So Sleep, sweet Lily, and make our dreams come true
Do the things we could not do

Awake, princess, and have your sword ready
Treasure every moment as the falling dust is nearing
Find your happiness, wash in the roars, and cheering
Shine like none before, still the silence we are fearing

Live, my love, like no other life
Yours is the world and ours to envy
Live, my heart, and make them take notice
This is your legacy
Breathe, and fight for your last lung
Draw blood, my dear, for what must become
Survive, and drive, and charge bravely
Into this world not yet undone


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