Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Maruška and the Twelve Months

This song was created for Game of Bands round 215 : "Fairy Tales"


Verse 1:

In a place, far away,
Lived a girl, bright as day
And her name was Maruška, Maruška was her name,
All the same.

And her dad, was long gone
Left her with her stepmom
And a stepsister Helen, who hated the sight of her face,
Such disgrace.

On a cold winter night,
Helen said: “Go outside,
Go and get me some violets and don’t come back until you’re done
Better run.”

Maruška, set out slow,
Plowing through endless snow
In the shadows of the forest, she noticed there sitting twelve men,
She cried then.

And they said:

Chorus 1:

Child, we’re the 12 months.
What do you need from us, what can we do?
Brother January told brother March give the girl the violets she needs.
Yes indeed.

And so it went.

Verse 2:

Helen got quite upset,
Took the violets, then she said:
“Girl, bring me some apples and make sure that they are bright red,
Or you’re dead.”

One last time, Maruška ran
To the kind-hearted men
And she begged them for apples to make sure that she would not die,
And that’s why

They said

Chorus 2:

Child, we’re the 12 months.
What do you need from us, what can we do?
Brother September gave her all the apples he could,
From the woods.

And so it went.

Verse 3:

Helen was so enraged,
That the girl, that she’d caged,
Was successful and happy and Helen just wanted her dead.
‘T was so sad.

Helen went to the woods,
Saw the men, knew she would.
And she told them quite crossly that they were a bunch of old fools,
Broke the rules.

And they said:

Chorus 3:

Child, we’re the 12 months.
You just insulted us, now you will pay.
Brother January summoned a blizzard, and that’s how she died.
Out of pride.

But Maruška lived long and she joined the old men now and then,
So it went.


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