Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Feu Follet

This song was created for Game of Bands round 215 : "Fairy Tales"


Verse 1
Out in the Bayou waters
A mysterious orb is floating, glowing
Willow or wisp, I want to follow you

Some call me Cajun Fairy
Spirit, ghost, maybe devil or demon
My guiding light will show you what to do

Just a dip in the water
The floating light is so compelling
I will find a path that leads me through
The Feu Follet

Take a walk on the wild side
A true surprise is what you'll find
Creatures, humans, supernatural too
They're out to get you

Trumpets fanfares and dancers
A festival, it's so inviting
Draw you in then leave you lost, confused
Could your end be near?

Verse 2
I started out with a story
I just wanted to know the secrets
What is hiding here or maybe who

You thought this would be easy
Should have planned for a treacherous journey
Your fate will come and you will have no clue
The Feu Follet

Chorus x2

Half verse
That was quite a journey
Didn't plan for so much danger
Wasn't sure that I would make it through
I made it through


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