Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 218 : "Saddest Song"


Janey, my little puppy, you're getting older, everyday
And my Janey, you're always with me, always beside me, everyway
Little Janey, your eyes grew foggy, can you still see me, all the way
Janey, jitt'ry and jumpy, always so sleepy, sleep away

18 years is a long time
But never long enough
Can I accept that you're gone?
Am I not that tough?

Janey, my little puppy, you're not so little, anymore
Oh my Janey, can you still hear me, when you go walking, out the door
Oh and Janey, do you get lonely, even though we, are here for you
Little Janey, do you feel happy, when we're all smiling, with you too

But when I dream about you
Does it mean you're still there
Or am I just in denial
Does anyone even care

Oh Janey, do you remember me, or did your memories, fade away
Janey, rainbow bridge calls you, and though you're small you're, big today
And little Janey, you're always with me, inside that box there, where you stay
Please Janey, never forget me, up in the great farm, fly away

And though I'm all grown up now
The memories remain
Through the good times and the bad
You were my little Jane


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