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A Box of Memories

This song was created for Game of Bands round 218 : "Saddest Song"


A true story, adapted from the short story "A Box Full of Memories" by Grandma Susan. Happy Mothers Day, mom. I love you -ScottPontiac,
Dad of LivetoSing (both GameofBands members, & both have met Retrotheft IRL ([](/lore)
"A Box of Memories"

This story about Life and death
Someone loved you, he had strength
Written to a lovely four year old
Granddaughter, she just didn't know
Cousin Karen she tried to explain;
Losing Larry and yet diminish the pain.
Erica at 4 had remembered
Everything she saw; had to stay centered.

Grandpa and Grandma lived 2 hours away;
Came to see Erica every 3 Saturdays.
They's lay on the carpet to play and pretend
With Erica's dolls, the time they had spent
Build with blocks, color, make collages
Play action figures and do artsy projects
In warm weather, they'd go play outside
Chalked driveway / the swingset / filled with love and pride

Grandpa came from the doctor
With a case they could not cure.
40 years of smoking cigarettes
Terminal - they were sure.
The box of memories
It starts to be filled
It comes crashing all down
And can't be rebuilt

Lung cancer determined,
He could no longer work.
Trouble walking and back pain,
Smiling through the hurt
Larry no longer traded
Gold and silver pure
Held on till he made it
His family safe and secure

And then Grandpa died, and to the funeral they came
To talk about his life, and the man he became
Loving family beside him/ Larry's wife and 3 grown sons.
Detailed the wonderful things that he had done.
Erica in the limo / cousins Daniella and Karen
A box at the gravesite / people crying, depairing

Erica asked Karen, "what's in the box?"
She said a box full of memories.
Sparing Erica the shock
A "box full of memories."
Contains the wondrous things
We want to remember
Even if it's heartache it brings

The box had in it, my father,
Right after we were last together
We met for dinner by the water
A meal to last forever
At a restaurant by the water
Sailed by the beautiful boats
We talked about optimistic times
All of our dreams and our hopes

Then we went for heavenly ice cream
Erica got peanut butter crunch
Grandpa got chocolate chip
With the only child of his son
We will always adore Grandpa.
And remember life's happy parts.
Stored in a "box full of memories,"
While Grandpa lives on in our hearts.


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