Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

La Lune est Dans Nos Yeux

This song was created for Game of Bands round 219 : "Space Shanties"


Verse 1

Leaving on our starship
It will take us far
Above the skies we'll be
Like floating on the seas

Stars pass like ocean spray
As we row along
The rigging will be tied
We'll fly our flag up high


We are the pioneers
On a galactic journey
Far beyond, au-dessus du monde
Finding riches and glory

Yo ho yo ho
Only one way to go
Un deux un deux
La lune est dans nos yeux

Vers 2

Nos coeurs sont allumés
Il est temps de partir
Si vous voulez y aller
Nous atteindrons le ciel

Errons-nous entre les étoiles
À une grande distance
Une partie du voyage
C'est l'heure des braves


Verse 3

Turning of the solar sail
Like a compass needle
Navigate the void
Leave behind our spheroid

There's no turning back now
Onwards is the game
Gravity pulling away
We will get there someday


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