Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Shiny and Chrome

This song was created for Game of Bands round 220 : "Random Rainbow"


I am the night rider
I am a rocker
I am a roller
Im an out of controller

Do you see me, toecutter?
Do you see me, man?
Born with lead in his foot
And a steering wheel in hand

I am the night rider
cruising at the speed of fright
Fuel injected suicide
Hotter than a rolling dice

I am the chosen one
Step right up, chum
The mighty hand of vengeance
On a rubber road to freedom

Witness Me War Boys
Shiny and Chrome
I am awaited
Shiny and Chrome

Witness me, Joe
Shiny and Chrome
What a lovely day
On The Fury Road

I am the Road Warrior
The former bronze
Once had a family
But those days are gone

New blazing hellscape
A firestorm of fear
The roads a white line nightmare
Survive by shifting gears

My machine needs gasoline
And so I chase it
Sweet twisted steel
And mangled faces

No hope on the road
Blood bag for a half life driver
My name is Max
Wasteland survivor

Witness me, Blood Bag
Shiny and Chrome
The gates are open
Shiny and chrome

Witness me Max
Shiny and chrome
From The Citadel
To the Thunderdome

Witness me, Capable!
Shiny and Chrome
I'll ride on eternal
Shiny and chrome

Witness me War pups
Shiny and Chrome
I've gone to Valhalla
Furiosa is home


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