Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 220 : "Random Rainbow"



In the winter ever long
So I shrank in stature
Intra-verted, gone in months
Fallen down between

In the lack of luxury
Or originality
I deserted my resolve to court the ground

By the thorny underwood
There at last I understood
To return from here would take another hand
I was low enough to see
In the spectral underneath
Where in heaven's name or hell's I stand

In the anger of the sun
On the sky blue plaster
I could watch my shadow wither
Dying in between

In the edge I tried to tread
Neither blue nor red
I suppose I'm predisposed to come around

Then the light became distinct and strange
I felt the balance rearrange
Another presence saw me in its waves
A length of time passed
A summer storm amassed
And nourished me back to vibrant cast

By the status I forsook
And the growth I undertook
To return from there had taken all I am
I'd been low enough to see
In the artificial seams
How the hand in mine defines me
Visibly outlines me
A bloom of transcendental harmony


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