Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Requiem For No One

This song was created for Game of Bands round 222 : "Steal From Public Domain Classical Music"


Give me solace in this broken space
Give me semblance of saving faith
Now I lay me down to sleep
One last breath my soul to keep

Can you erase the sin and fear
Let me lie with conscience clear
Bleeding out in a blanket night
Fading out in a falsehood light

I’m going down without a fight
Letting go of Ritalin-fueled nightmares
Solace is a thing of scarcity
I hear you praying somewhere for my sorry soul
Stop your whispering calls
To a devil who’ll never know
Nothing really matters (really matters) on the whole
Now that I am no more

I die for the sins that bore me
And all the ones that came before me
There’s no redemption to be found here
I die for the weft that waned me
And for the slings that never hanged me
There’s no more to life than this living lie

You want more time to clean the slate?
Too little, angel, and much too late
Everything you thought was innocence—faked
And you’re lying to us both to escape this fate
Now that you know the end is near
Face up to all your decadent fears
Admit you never had what it takes
To figure out the transient highs and rakes
You never were the one you thought you had
Now your sighs are screams instead
Let me die before it’s too late
Face your fears and face the hate


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