Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

God forgive

This song was created for Game of Bands round 222 : "Steal From Public Domain Classical Music"



God, forgive
For the way I let the flames light underneath my skin
I let them lick, and burn and turn to dust
(I'm) ashes within

God forgive my partial blame for the accelerant I feed
I'm not a pyromaniac, just a sinner who's been forced to sin
Scorching down my throat while I mourn, rightfully scorned
All tears, fears, blistering, a demon growing their horns
3rd degree burns free hell's locks like a key
I wish to flee every part of me, so help me
So help me(so help me)


(God) Lucifer I'm calling out I need an angel now
The way my blood trickles and drips and slips as shadows find their ground
The wayward slashes cut and shine and bleed with shame out of my veins
Yeah, this haze is exactly what I wanted from this pain

On my knees, wounds still bleeding
While I beg on graveled ground
When will it be alleviated, brought to life (brought to live)
Existing, under Your command
Where to feel
Is to hurt
And I'm being hurt,
I'm being hurt


God forgive
My lack of acceptance that I'm being heard
My faith that wavers when I see others get their turn
The vicious cycle I find myself surrounded by
Where the only question left , the only question asked is why
The answers are left floating like a boat on an ocean
No direction when it's in motion
Yet, the instance that I stop showing devotion, you close the door on me
I thought you protected those without belief
Or is it just that you have a problem me?


Lucifer, I turn to you once more
Don't you grant favors? I find myself in need for one or more
I see resemblance in you, I too am my father's wayward son
I'm not an Icarus, you needn't fear I've never even seen the sun
I know you know heat like no one does
So when I tell you about this fire I cannot put out, that burns me from the inside out
That fills my lungs with smoke and exhaust and exhausts while I trash about
You are the only one I can still reach out to


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