Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Necromancer Blues

This song was created for Game of Bands round 26 : "Unexpected Changes"


In the land of the Chlamydiosum
A great conjurer dominates
With black magic he tries to aid
Bad karma is all that he gets [though]
His name is not known to anyone
But he is quite the famous guy
A bit controversial, not always effective
And peasants like making fun of him

He is the Necromancer
Who acts in dark ways
Consultant of the elders
The teacher of the hags
Withers wills that wade
That haven't gone too far
He has the skills and tools
To fix, the wi-fi that lags
He is the Necromancer
Exploits evil means
He is the ultimate savior
Of the, kids the scientist shrunk
Poisons his pacts with puzzles
For the good of society
And sometimes late at night
He sends emails while drunk
He is the Necromancer
Who is our silly savior
Casts spells that sometimes backfire
Forgets to bring his scrolls
His, intentions aren't evil
In fact, quite the opposite
He is the Necromancer
And he is proud of it

Then there comes a mighty evil dragon
That tries to conquer the [free] lands
Fire breathing and flying backwards
You know the type, we don't have to explain [or explan]
He'll try to take down our mighty hero,
But the Necro has other thoughts:
He just got involved with a pretty lady
And he's head over heels about her

Hey pretty lady, you're like a flower
Hey pretty lady, I want to water you
Hey pretty lady, let's go for a walk
Hey pretty lady, let's make this moment last forever
Hey pretty lady, I have brought you chocolates
But please pretty lady, don't eat them now
Hey pretty lady, come to my place tonight
You know pretty lady, I picked a film to watch together

Hey pretty lady, you're so fine
Hey a surprise here: I'll make you mine
Hey pretty lady, I heart you
You're the one and only who enslaved the Necromancer's heart

But here comes the time for fighting
Our Necro can't hide for that long
The dragon attacks him with all his power
The power that makes him so strong
The Necromancer was having a shower
When he saw, that something was odd.
But there's no fight, they became good friends.
They had gone to the same school


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