Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Concert

This song was created for Game of Bands round 223 : "Music Imitates Art"


Backstory - The Concert, a 1664 Painting by Johannes Vermeer, was stolen in 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston. Massachusetts, USA, and still remains missing. It is currently the world's most valuable missing painting, valued at over $250 Million (probably more due to its infamy). A reward still stands for $10 Million for its safe return.


It was 1664
A depiction of harmony
High class instructor
A singer and prodigy

It was 1990
2 thieves as policemen
Guards tied up tightly
The case still proceeds on

An instructor plays lute with 2 girls
Practicing for the cotillion
The most valuable stolen art in the world
Worth over $250 million

A singer, a player, a teacher
Innocence in the foreground
In the back something deeper
Sex and sky, meanings confound

The robbers posing as good guys
First-timer, a rocker - the sentries;
Tricksters, they, took the prize
Bypassing safeguards to entry

And now the painting is taken
The Concert, done by Vermeer
A daring and profitable break-in
Mistakes now abundantly clear

On the rear wall the likely guess
as far as most can tell
are Baburen's The Procuress
and Wooded Landscape, by Ruisdael.

But who has taken The Concert
Who's the burglar and his partner
Many theories have been heard
about Isabella Stewart Gardner

Mysteries of paintings
Whole world pines to reclaim
But rescue chances are fading
And what's left are empty frames.


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