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Kurze Basler Chronik (A True Story in 7/4 Time)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 225 : "Odd Times And No Rhymes V"


Kurze Basler Chronik (A True Story in 7/4 Time)

Cockle Doodle Doo!
Was the rooster's defense
Odd times, indeed
The trial of the decade
In 1474....

The fear of witchcraft
Extended to animals
This poor cock
Was accused of sorcery!

Charged with the
"Heinous and unnatural crime
of laying an egg"!
That black magic ovum

As Alexander Neckam wrote
In "De naturis rerum"
This unholy egg
Was fertilized by a toad

It would hatch into a....
A creature who
can kill with one look, a breath.....


A full trial began
In Basel, Switzerland
The People vs. The Witch Rooster
Courtroom was completely packed

The cock had a public defender
it couldn't afford an attorney
Its lawyer did his very best
Passionate and Eloquent!

"On behalf of the gallinaceous prisoner
[his advocate submits] !
No evil animus had been proved
against my client

No injury to man or beast
Has resulted.
The defense rests"
[Now it was the prosecutor's turn!]

DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Your Honor, my client is completely innocent!
ROOSTER: [Help me!]
JUDGE: Order in the Court, Order in the Court!!!
(Crowd Gasps)

The prosecutor began dramatically:
"This was not a case
of the devil making compact
with these brutes

but that Satan actually
entered into them
on occasion"
[The crowd nodded in agreement!]

The trial ended in conviction
And the rooster was sentenced
To be burned at the stake
In the center of town!!

Along with one of its eggs.
the town's residents gathered
and watched the execution...
This wasn't the last time...


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