Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Lightning From The Old Earth

This song was created for Game of Bands round 225 : "Odd Times And No Rhymes V"


Waiting for the thunder
Counting down the seconds left until it's over
Camera's on a timer I forgot to turn the flash off of
My eyes are red and I can't bear the waiting
Mouthing out the message I still
Carry on my phone from the Old Earth

Much too hot for music
Beats'll make me feisty at so late an hour
Even with the rain I'm letting in I'm gonna lose my mind
And if I lose it maybe then I'll give up
Cooling my emotions on the window sill of lunacy
I'm running hot until the thunder breaks me down
*1 second, 2 second, 3*

What was the area code?
I don't know

But it's
Buried on my phone from the Old Earth
That capsule in the dirt from the Old World

Don't dig up the capsule
All I left were trinkets lacking in perspective
Damn it where's the thunder so I know the storm is leaving
Counting every second when I should be sheeping
Memorizing digits I know I still
Carry on my phone from the Old Earth
Carry on my phone from the Old Earth
*1 second, 2 second, 3 second, 4*
*1 second, 2 second, 3 second*


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