Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Battle Ready (The Devil)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 226 : "Random Tarot Card"


Imagine seeing you here, my old acquaintence
It's been too long, please, make yourself at home
I'd almost lost the memories, I have to
Give you thanks for letting them all rush back over me like a tidal wave

I'm not ready for the battle
I've done a lot to never let it come to this
I've found myself arriving at an impass
I'm not about to be beat by the likes of me

There comes a time when you must make your own decisions
The cloud of doubt you feel can leave a bitter taste
I have a habit of being a creature of habit
That awful idiosyncrasy that always gets in the way

I've tried to minimize the incidents
I've come to terms that you'll never go away
I have to learn to prepare myself for battle
I'm not about to give myself over to you

Three cheers to dischord
and permanence
The perfect couple
of opulence

Before you go, remember just what you've signed up for
I'm stuck with you but soon you will be stuck with me
Familiarity will always breed contempt
You will grow tired, I know you will, eventually

There is no winner in this game of cat and mouse
To have one you must always have the other
There is no demon that can take the legs I stand on
As long as I stay battle ready

I have to give myself the chances I deserve
I can't resign to live in my own shadow
I will make the change that I'm afraid of
It can't get worse cause things were bad already


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