Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

High And Low Priestess

This song was created for Game of Bands round 226 : "Random Tarot Card"


(Card: The High Priestess)

When unturned and upright
She'll be the guide and the light
To illuminate my mind

Guardian protecting me
Divine High Priestess
Illuminates perceptively
Spiritual Completeness

But there's another part of her just a turn away
Not a giving nurturer stirring me awake
Rise and go search for her - lift my inertial weight
I am the determiner of which path I should take

Teacher of hidden mysteries
My inner voice finds inner peace
Sacred knowledge, and its possibilities

I am no longer blind
Sanctified High Priestess
Shining star, awakened mind
Ethereal, astral freeness

But when turned and reversed, Low Priestess emerged
With secrets, untruths and dark curses
Its shadow cast wide with gossip and lies
Showing me just what my worst is

I am no longer living the dream
Dark forces are stronger, so haunted I scream
Disturbed paranoia fills my mind with fear
Psychic destroyer, how did my soul disappear?

Descent into madness, abandoned all hope
Trapped by the sadness, want to give up the ghost
The wrong path was taken, now so full of doubt
I've been forsaken, abandoned, cast out

Crying out in the darkness, such pain I have felt
This is the farthest I've been from myself
So trapped by my weakness, can't see my way clear
Oh help me, High Priestess, when will my angel appear?

How will I know
When to let go?
'cause I need this!
High Priestess!
I'm not afraid
I won't run away!

Relieve me please
Give me some peace
Show me your sweetness!
My High Priestess!
And I'm growing strong!
I knew it all along!

And I feel you now
I brought this about
I want you to see this!
High Priestess!

Behold, my soul,
It glows, it flows, it grows (x5)


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