Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Break

This song was created for Game of Bands round 227 : "Randomly Generated III"


You have to know the all is one
Nothing but friction, blood in the sun
Beginning and the end of time
Integrity denied - the cause of fault was mine

I'm not able to expose
The loss of hope I now forsake
Within myself I decompose
Stress overcomes, I see the break
The end of time begins right now
and crafty lies come from the snake
So sublime, holier-than thou
The treasure's soul lies in the break
It eats its tail and swallows whole
Auto-impales, self feeds its soul
Boundaries, Ouroboros lies
The netherworlds wont see it die

The Leviathan's infinity
is a special creature with no mate,
Sets on fire divinity
Believe it transubstantiates
In its circle is yin and yang
Immortality reincarnates
Repetition boomerangs
Mortality ends in the break
Transmigration of the soul
Living nerves now dead
Circulation portmanteau
Mystically inbred

Jörmungandr, ocean's edge
Cycloidal fate
Balance as the cosmos ebbs
Re-embodied fate
So the spiral spins us withal
The ring brings us awake
New consciousness, it does recall
By triggering the break


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