Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

I Am The Prey

This song was created for Game of Bands round 227 : "Randomly Generated III"


Fighting relentless visions
Behind a shield of illusion
What has happened has happened
After the smoke it's blackened

In the face of the enemy
Past conflicts shape what I see
Long way back to reality
I turn away, I turn away

Break free of the monster pack
Take the test there's no going back
Caught inside my own trap
I am the prey

Verse 1
Constantly chased by ghosts of my past
One more time I know it'll be the last
Again, again and still it never ends
I see it's me, it's always me

It's hard to face up to the whole truth
That all I had I wasted on my youth
There's nothing left here nothing on the inside
No more to see, no more to see


Verse 2
In front of me the mirror image shatters
I'll find another if it even matters
Pick up the pieces seeing what remains here
Face the fear, I'll face the fear

Getting away from all these expectations
Perceiving echoes of my contemplation
I try to clear my way through all the fog
It's what I hear, it's all I hear


I am the prey
I am the prey
I tried to turn away but I was the prey
These visions of me
Left nothing else to see
I tried to turn away but I was the prey
Facing up to the fear and all that I hear
I am the preeeeeey
I am the prey


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