Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Waking to Endings

This song was created for Game of Bands round 227 : "Randomly Generated III"


Waking to Endings
by The Epic Mysteries

Upon a magic ride,
The world appeared before our eyes
It flowered blue with me, and we
Met each day with heaven’s smile
But now it’s selfish spite
From reminiscing all this time
The adult mind, wishing
For simpler, happy times

Drowned in regret,
Don’t want to be where I tried to go
The path is alone
And I long for home
Search for the sun,
Among the specks of the dark sky
Eyes wide shut
I’m what I’ve become

Every moment, sabotaging
Is this bleeding what is needed?

Need to wake up,
Let this end, begin again
When we’re old, the world is cold
So close the door
You think you’re happy,
With every next mistake
One day, the scales fall
And you wish it all away

Now I can’t abide,
The myth of me, I let it slide
Decrepit one
Close my eyes and wish for home
Long to be young again,
So ignorant, so overdone
I howl at the moon
This foreign life, it’s not mine

Is this the sentence, the ending?
Or has the nostalgia just begun?



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